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Message from CEO

Dr Janet Lim

CEO, H Medical Centre

At H Medical Centre, we are poised with our visionary goal to provide value based, highest quality and safe healthcare for all of our customers, grounded in international best practice.

Our tagline “From Sickcare to Healthcare’’ is our work promise which is driven by our commitment to promote optimum health as an integral part of overall wellness which includes prevention of diseases through early detection and identification especially for those facing a health risk, with an aim for recovery as the ultimate outcome.

Take a “Rainbow Journey” towards good health and enjoy the colours of a “Happy Life” where being healthy is your priority. Staying healthy as our time takes is a personal choice and only you and nobody else can make this choice for you. Therefore, our tagline “From Sickcare to Healthcare” is where preventive medicine is better than facing health challenges...

Optimum enjoyment in having good health is happiness….Our first Wealth! Getting sick is not value creation. Therefore, we need to give ourselves the best choice for our enjoyment in life i.e. Good Health.

With the synergy from our team, we are set to bring healthcare excellence to the next level, matching to your needs where we provide you with resources and support for your health concerns. Malaysia has a vast potential stage for all participating healthcare industry players to promote Malaysia’s vibrant outlook to the world where our medical costs are priced affordably to cater to even the most discerning customer. Malaysia can strive to take “Centrestage” to be the best healthcare country of excellence.

The Healthcare industry can revive the nation’s economy amid global uncertainties, given the growth opportunities and strategies to forge creative alliances and partnership with other industry practitioners. This is a long term focus moving in tandem; a step forward. The ocean is wide and extensive and this ocean is vast enough for all of us to be sharing our spaces, protecting even the vulnerable and our ageing geriatric community.