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Uniqueness of Our Innovative H Medical Centre

H Medical Centre is not exactly a hospital, neither it is a normal outpatient clinic. It stands in-between, and falls under the category of Ambulatory Care Center by definition.

It is an excellent choice for patients whose sicknesses are too severe to be treated as outpatients in a conventional clinic and at the same time do not need a high cost, less personalised sophisticated hospital with multidisciplinary management.

The benefits of this category of care center go beyond just cost saving. Being not too big, not too complex, and low patient volume medical center, HMC is intrinsically easier to manage with smart management to ensure value care and a more personalised human care with optimal communication that can be very comforting and satisfying.


Indeed, HMC is an idea whose time has come to effectively address the many problems plaguing the existing healthcare models.


Message from CEO

Dr Janet Lim
Dr Janet Lim
CEO, H Medical Centre
Take a “Rainbow Journey” towards good health and enjoy the colours of a “Happy Life” where being healthy is your priority. Staying healthy as our time takes is a personal choice and only you and nobody else can make this choice for you. Therefore, our tagline “From Sickcare to Healthcare” is where preventive medicine is better than facing health challenges...


Providing leadership in affordable value care.


  • Creating value care - reversing healthcare cost with smart management.
  • Introducing passionate service - we love to serve, our patients love the our service.
  • Empowering healthcare by going beyond 'sickcare'.


  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Proactive